Who we are

Our firm initiated as a technical office in August 1986 in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece and functions until today as an enterprise.

Initially, it developed activities in the sector of design and project supervision as well as manufacturing of private works. From 1990 onwards entered the field of public work construction and other private works such as banks, industrial buildings, shops etc.

In 2002 the company TEMA is founded with our company owing 50%. The main objective is the construction of private residential houses. Subsequently in 2003 we co-found AKTON, possessing 50%, with the main objective being the construction of public projects.

In August 2005 our company’s activities expand in Bulgaria and consequently STAT Bulgaria is founded in Sofia. The main objective of STAT Bulgaria is the construction and renovation of bank branches in Bulgaria.

In September 2015 we participate by 50% in the establishment of Sigma-Bau GmbH in Stuttgart, Germany. The aim of Sigma-Bau is the construction of private residential houses and renovation of commercial stores in the states of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria in Germany.

As a result of our construction activity we have to demonstrate a remarkable list of projects some of which can be found under the projects tab in this website. This list includes multiple private residential and office buildings as well as the construction/renovation of over 150 stores the majority of which being bank stores.

Our up to date course and our nearly 30 years of experience in the design and construction of public and private projects allows us to support projects not only within the area of Thessaloniki but also throughout Greece, Bulgaria and two states of Germany. The firm consists of engineers and architects from multiple backgrounds as well as technicians that cover the whole spectrum of construction. As a result we can achieve high standards in terms of quality and efficiency in a wide variety of construction projects.

The graph below indicates how the firm’s individual activities have evolved.

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