Environmental Management Policy

Respect and protection of the environment represent key commitments for the operation of our company. Within this context, we implement all necessary measures and processes for the purpose of minimizing any negative environmental impact and maximizing all positive environmental outcomes regarding all company’s activities.

Fully embracing the corporate policy, we apply our Environmental Management System according to ELOT EN ISO 14001:2015 and we have adopted a proactive approach to protect the environment by constantly reviewing our goals for optimizing our performance.

The goals of our Environmental Management System are based on the International Standard EN ISO 14001:2015, as follows:

  1. Protection of the environment by preventing and reducing our environmental footprint.
  2. Minimization of any possible adverse impact of the environmental conditions within our business.
  3. Corporate support in the fulfillment of any compliance obligations.
  4. Improvement of our environmental performance.
  5. Utilization of the life cycle approach to prevent unintentional shifting of environmental impact.
  6. Achievement of financial and operational benefits resulting from the implementation of environmentally friendly solutions.
  7. Sharing information relating to environmental issues with the relevant stakeholders.