Construction of Private Buildings and Infrastructure

  • Construction of residential buildings
  • Construction of hotel units
  • Construction of office buildings

Renovation of Buildings & Commercial Spaces

  • Renovation of apartments
  • Fit out works for restaurants and commercial shops
  • Upgrade of existing buildings
  • Reconstruction of exterior shell & façade
  • Restoration of listed buildings and monuments
  • Static reinforcement of buildings

Construction of Banks and other Specialized Spaces

Design & Build / Renovation of banks and specialised branches


PPP Projects and Public Works (4th Class Contractor degree for structural and M&E works)

Construction, maintenance, energy-efficiency renovation and upgrade of public buildings, schools, cultural centers, sports infrastructure, museums, libraries, etc.


Energy Related Projects

  • Design & Build of Renewable Energy Sources (photovoltaic systems, geothermal systems, wind)
  • Energy-efficiency upgrade of buildings
  • Bioclimatic structures

Facility Management - Maintenance of Structurals & M&E

Facility Management ensures the proper function of the facilities within a structured working environment, such as a bank or a commercial building. It promotes the smooth operation of the facilities and equipment for the purpose of minimizing maintenance costs and optimizing efficiency. Management of building facilities has become necessary for all organizations.

Our company has the necessary know-how, experience and specialized staff for the maintenance of commercial shops, offices and infrastructure. We offer even the most complex services of maintenance regarding buildings and facilities.

Relevant areas of management

  • Building facilities
  • Electrical installation of strong / weak electrical currents (AC/DC) and lighting
  • Hydraulic installation
  • Firefighting and fire protection systems
  • Security systems, such as CCTV, alarm, etc.
  • Refrigeration facilities

Project Management Services

  • Budgeting and cash-flow control throughout the project
  • Creation and monitoring of the project timescale
  • Detailed planning of each task
  • Management and supervision of projects

Real Estate Management

STAT S.A. provides high quality services in relation to sales, purchases, rentals, maintenance, reconstruction and operation of real estate.