Who we are

Our company is staffed by all specialties, a total of 16 engineers (civil, architects, engineers, electricians, surveyors), administrative personnel as well as permanent technicians of all specialties covering the full range of construction. Also, our timely & constant collaboration with external workshops (for plasterboard, paint, electrical etc) ensures the perfect and fast completion of any building project.

Triantafyllidis Efstathios

Electrical and Mechanical Engineer BSc, MSc

Triantafyllidis Yannis

Civil Engineer BEng, MSc, DIC

Triantafyllidou Eleni

Architect, MSc Architecture Politecnico di Milano, MSc Sustainable Heritage Bartlett, UCL

Tasionis Stavros

Mechanical Engineer NTUA

Pasameras Argyris

Civil Engineer T.E.

Tsikriktsis Nikolaos

Civil Engineer AUTH

Pasameras Konstantinos

Rural and Surveying Engineer AUTH

Koukaki Sevi

Rural and Surveying Engineer AUTH

Giotopoulos Ioannis

Electrical and Mechanical Engineer AUTH, MSc, PMP

Papadopoulos Nikolaos

Civil Engineer AUTH, MSc, DIC

Koutsaftakis Giorgos

Civil Engineer NTUA

Patramanis Nikolaos

Civil Engineer T.E.

Chatzintounas Ioannis

Archtect, MA Health Buildings

Koulina Chrysa

Civil Engineer AUTH

Staikos Panagiotis

Civil Engineer AUTH

Lioliou Lina

Civil Engineer AUTH

Paraskevopoulos Savvas


Ntantinou Anastasia

Business Administration

Pavlidou Anastasia

Business Administration – Accountant

Lykidou Glikeria