Health and Safety Policy

Our fundamental goal at STAT S.A. is the respect of the rights of our human resources, striving to ensure their Health and Safety in the workplace by creating an excellent working environment.

The company strictly complies to the obligations of the Greek legislation regarding Health and Safety to minimize the risks and avoid injuries and accidents. We apply our Health and Safety Management System according to ELOT ISO 45001:2018.

Our corporate policy on Health and Safety aims at:

  1. Protection of the Health and Safety of the company’s employees and third parties.
  2. Compliance to current legislation and relevant requirements regarding Health and Safety at the workplace.
  3. Constant evaluation of occupational hazards and establishing measures to prevent and reduce hazards within the working environment.
  4. Perform all operations to the desired level of quality with zero accidents, injuries and damage to equipment and facilities.
  5. Sharing of information, suitable training and raising of awareness of our employees on issues of Health and Safety at work. Clear processes of reporting and comprehension of all employee responsibilities regarding safety issues.
  6. Securing financial resources for the continuous development of new technologies and forms of control of occupational risks for the purpose of minimizing occupational risks.
  7. Providing all necessary means (equipment, information forms, training, etc.) and processes for establishing, reviewing and achieving the objectives of the Heath and Safety Policy.